Draw Tournaments

A description of our draw tournament format is at the bottom of this page

9719 Green Park Industrial Drive, 63123

6327 Lemay Ferry Rd, 63129

October 5th – Sand only!  4’s & 6’s @ 7:15pm
October 6th – Sand only!  4’s & 6’s @ Noon
October 12th – 
     No Sand Tonight due to the weather
     Indoor for 4’s & 6’s! @ 7:15pm
October 13th – Sand only!  4’s & 6’s @ Noon
October 19th – Sand only!  4’s & 6’s @ 7:15pm
October 20th – NO DRAWS
October 26th – Indoor only! 4’s & 6’s @ 7:15pm
October 27th – NO DRAWS

November & December – 4’s & 6’s – All Indoors @ 7:15pm
Every Friday except November 16th
Every Saturday except November 17th

A team will consist of 2 players (m/m, m/f or f/f). In 6’s, 3 teams will be combined to form a 6’s team and play against 3 other teams. In 4’s, 2 teams will be combined to form a 4’s team and play against 2 other teams. You and your partner will play together all night, but the teams you play with and against change every game! In 2’s teams are individuals & will be teamed up with others all night. All divisions may not be available every night. We reserve the right to not allow players to play in a division we deem is too high for their current level of play.

Be there with your partner by 7:15pm, unless otherwise noted
The winner will be determined by the single 2 person team with the most wins. Championship t-shirts will be awarded to the winning teams in each division.

The tournament fee is only $10/person. Each team will play 8 – 12 games. Teams must show up by 7:15pm the night of the tournament. The tournament will last until about midnight nightly.

NO ADVANCE REGISTRATION will be taken for these tournaments.