Due to start on May 26th

Coed 6s leagues, Sunday thru Thursdays

All sand leagues will be played at our VFW location

6327 Lemay Ferry Rd, 63129


All you have to do to register your team is to text your name, night and division to:


You can pay thru Venmo, by cash or check

Game Times

Sundays: 5pm - 9:20pm

Saturday & Sunday afternoons noon - 5pm

Mondays - Thursdays: 6:30pm - 9:50pm

We do everything we can to schedule your doubleheaders back to back.
However, there are times when you may be scheduled a split doubleheader.


Coed 6s Leagues

We offer Coed 6s Leagues each night in 2 divisions.

Coed 6s is defined as: Any combination of 4, 5 or 6 players with a minimum of 2 girls and no more than 3 guys on the court at any time

Any Combination 4s Leagues

Our Any 4s league is any combination of 4 guys and/or girls on the court

Coed 4s Leagues
Our Coed 4s league is 2 guys & 2 girls


2020 Champion Shirts

We give the team with the best record over league play champion shirts.

We also give the teams that win the playoffs champion shirts.

You can also win shirts by playing & winning in any of our All Inclusive or Draw Tournaments

This year we will be giving out our Champion shirts in a progressive style:

Your 1st win you can pick a solid color short sleeve T-shirt or tank

--- if you choose not to take either of those, then on your 2nd win you will be eligible for a short sleeve tie dye or a solid color long sleeve 

--- if you choose not to take either of these, on your 3rd win you can choose a long sleeve tie dye

--- and finally, if you choose not to take that shirt, on your 4th win you can choose a hoodie

All of these will be available with shirts that we have on hand. We have a very limited supply of the 3rd & 4th level shirts. We will limit hoodies to one per person & long sleeve tie dyes to 2 per person.

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