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Concord Sand Volleyball Rules


  • Coed’s is considered any combination of 4, 5 or 6 people with no more than 3 guys on the court at one time plus you must have at least 2 girls, however if a team only has 1 girl the opposing team has the option of taking a forfeit or letting the team play with just 1 girl. If the forfeit option is taken, it must be done before the first game begins & will be for all 3 games. It is the team's responsibility to tell the ref that they would like to take a forfeit before play begins. The ref will assume the teams are okay with playing against a team with only 1 girl, unless the opposing team requests a forfeit. If a team is playing with just 1 girl they must play with 2 players in the front row and 2 players in the back row. If a team shows up with no girls it is a forfeit, no exceptions.

  • Each match consist of 3 Games of rally scoring to 21 points with a 23 point cap

  • A game of Rock Paper Scissors will determine side, serve or receive

  • Please wait for the ref to blow the whistle to serve

  • Switch sides after each game

  • The losing team of the previous game has the choice of serve or receive

  • You must stand behind the end line to serve

  • In 4s play you cannot set any first ball that comes over the net including the serve. You also can’t set the ball over the net at any time. No open hand dinks will be allowed.

  • Players must either set or bump the serve in coed 6s play

  • The ball can be kicked any time except on the serve and it may be kicked over the net

  • The ball can be headed any time except on the serve and may be headed over the net

  • If a ball from the other court enters your court try to kick or toss it back. If the ref decides it is disrupting the point he will blow the whistle and there will be a replay. This is the discretion of the ref.

  • The best winning percentage over your 8 weeks of league play receives championship shirts

  • If there is a tie for first place then head to head results will determine winner.

  • If there is a tie for first place after head to head winner will be determined by most wins.

  • If a ball hits the wooden part of the net or the wire between the net and the metal poles, you can play it if the ball

  • bounces back to your own side. However, if the ball goes over the net after hitting the wood or wire it will be a dead ball.

  • We have zero tolerance for any fighting, abusive or disrespectfulness towards anyone at the VFW, it's officers or members,
    any refs, players or management of Concord Sand Volleyball. Any person displaying any such actions will be banned from the


House Rules for VFW Hall

  • No food or drinks are allowed on the sand. The only exceptions are for the refs.

  • No pets of any kind are allowed at the VFW

  • You may not bring your own food or alcohol in

  • If you are caught bringing in food or alcohol you will be asked to leave for the night without a refund

  • If the VFW does not carry what you would like to drink, then just ask the bartenders and most of the time they will order whatever you want to drink.

  • No smoking on the courts and no dropping cigarette butts in the sand. There are plenty of ashtrays on the tables

  • Restrooms are located inside the building, please have shirt, pants & shoes/sandals on before entering the building

Playoff Rules
Our playoff night is an extra night of volleyball after league play.
Playoffs are scheduled to take place in one night.
All teams in good standing make the playoffs. If you forfeit 2 weeks, you will not be in good standing and

will not make the playoffs. Your team will also be eliminated from the following session.
Please understand, your team may be there all evening.
The team with the best record by winning % will determine your team’s seeding.
In Coed 6s only, teams MUST play with a minimum of 4 players, two MUST be female. NO EXCEPTIONS
Player MUST have played with the team at least two nights to be eligible to play for that team in the playoffs.
You CANNOT add players to your team after your team’s first match.
All matches are single elimination. If your team loses one match, then you are out of the playoffs.
Higher seed gets choice of side, serve or receive.
Teams will be re-seeded after each round.
Please be patient. Game times are approximate!!!
All matches will be a best of 3 game series. This could change if there are weather related problems that night.
T-shirts will be awarded to Champions of the Finals in each division.
Please have your team ready to play when you get on the volleyball court.
Volleyballs will be available to warm up with.
Please do not ask for special times for playoff night.
Game times will be determined by seeding.
We Reserve the Right to Change the Format at Anytime, for Any Reason.


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